Mr. Oliver,

During the past several months I've completed several fiber optic cabling projects as PSE&G and I would like to take a moment to commend your company and especially one of our employees, J. R. Andress, who was in charge of my account. In 1992, I had 20,000 feet of fiber optic cable pulled in my 26 story tower in Neward that required the termination of over 600 fibers located throughout the building in TC and computer rooms.

While working around 'in service' network equipment, J. R. had to mount the associated hardware on racks and in cabinets. This required special care and he performed this function without causing disruption to any network services. He terminated, tested, and labeled all the fibers very neatly and professionally with a 100% success rate. I recognized J. R.'s professionalism immediately and it was a great asset to me. I walked him through the job once, have him my keys to our TC rooms, and he was off on his own. He worked well in our office environment without any supervision and this is important to me with my busy schedule. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Timothy N. Weeks
Lead Telecommunications Engineer
Public Service Electric and Gas Company