To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Phil Oliver and his staff at Oliver Communications, Inc. on the outstanding LAN re-wiring job they performed. His staff pulled over three miles of fibre optic cabling with different strand requirements throughout the Ortho Diagnostic complex and installed roughly 200 ST connectors and a dozen LIU's. All the work that was performed was thoroughly tested and documented by his staff of well skilled employees. Also, all of the connections worked on the first test scenario.

Phil and his staff diligently supported us throughout the LAN re-wire often times coming in at night or at our beckon call to provide support for our Intelligent Hub roll-out and to re-affirm fiber consistency. With Oliver Communications expertise, our Lan re-wire project was completed ahead of schedule and was implemented better than we imagined.

I look forward to working with Oliver Communications in any of our future cabling endeavors.

Gregory D. Olszyk
Ortho Diagnostic Systems Inc.