Avaya offers analog, digital and IP-based full duplex speakerphones for large and small conference rooms. Full duplex technology means simultaneous two-way transmission. There is no changeover from incoming to outgoing, thereby eliminating the clipping and hollow sounds associated with conventional half-duplex speakerphones. Avaya Speakerphones are ideal for day-to-day group collaboration in ad hoc meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and small to medium conference rooms. Full-time 360-degree coverage assures that everyone in the room can be heard.

What's New With This Release

This latest release provides expanded options for Polycom speakerphones.

Business Benefits

• 360 degrees of microphone coverage - ideal for Conference Room applications.
• Full Duplex Operation - talk and listen at the same time.
• Digitally tuned speaker with Acoustic Clarity Technology reduces reiteration requests.
• Size appropriate solutions provide appropriate coverage and value.


Great Audio Quality

Full duplex operation allows for overlapping talking and listening at the same time in a natural conversational way.
Helps eliminate echo, clipping and cross talk, therefore enabling a productive and efficient conference call.

Extended Microphones

2 extended microphones.
Enables easy expansion to cover additional area in larger conference rooms. All participants can be heard, keeping the requests to repeat information at a minimum, which helps to ensure a smooth flow to conference calls.

3 Microphones & 1 Speaker

3 microphones and 1 speaker are included with all conference room speakerphones.
Helps to enable ample coverage in conference rooms so all participants can be heard clearly.

Full-time 360 degree coverage

All conference room speakerphones provide 360 degree coverage, which enables all participants to be heard regardless of where they may be situated in the conference room.
Equal coverage of the whole conference room makes every one in attendance more accessible, which facilitates more involved and productive participation.