A member of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition family, the 9630 IP Telephone is specifically designed for the essential telephone user, where the telephone is necessary in order for them to complete their job. Sales people, relationship managers, and attorneys are typical examples of the essential users profile. The 9630 provides superior, high fidelity audio, built-in one-touch access to key Avaya Communication Manager mobility features, and a stylish professional design. The 9630G model has the same functionality as the 9630, and adds native support for Gigabit Ethernet.

What's New With This Release

A member of the Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition Family, the 9630 is designed specifically to meet the needs of essential  telephone users: those who find the telephone is critical to complete their jobs. The 9630 features a large, high resolution backlit display and several LED buttons to explicitly convey status to the end user. The 9630 provides direct one-touch access to key Avaya Communication Manager mobility features such as Extension to Cellular. Like all one-X Deskphone Edition telephones, the 9630 features high fidelity audio, flexible support for add-ons in the future, and a stylish and professional design.

Business Benefits

• Productivity of Users - Through prompting for common telephony tasks, one touch access to key features, and superior high fidelity audio, the productivity of end users is greatly enhanced.
• Richer Communication - The superior audio capabilities make conference calls and meetings more effective by requiring less reiteration. This has been found to reduce employee stress and fatigue.
• Investment Protection - Built on open standards with a modular platform that supports a wide range of modules and adapters to further enhance user productivity.


Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive, context-sensitive interface on the 9630 is designed to facilitate confident usage by featuring context-driven menus with on-screen prompts, enabling straightforward access to contact directory and call log. Essential users have full control of conference calls, including selective drop and mute. The 9630 also provides a dedicated Call Forward / Mobility button for one-touch access to mobility features within Avaya Communication Manager. These include Extension to Cellular as well as Extend Current Call to cell phone.

Easy access to common features such as Conference, Transfer, Hold are now greatly enhanced with the helpful prompts and tight integration with phone numbers in the contact list and call logs. The user interface on the 9630 provides easy access to critical Communication Manager mobility features, allowing them to be reached transparently whether at their desk or on the go.  

Superior Audio Quality

The unique high-fidelity acoustics of the Avaya 9630, including wideband audio support in the speaker, handset, and headset, deliver industry-leading audio that minimizes ambient noise. With the enhanced audio across high and low frequencies, it is easier for users to better understand others with different speech nuances or accents.

For the essential end user, the person constantly on the telephone, the enhanced audio allows calls to be more productive with team members better able to collaborate. On conference calls, users find it easier to distinguish and understand multiple speakers, aiding in collaboration and communications. Overall, communications are richer.

New design and display

The 9630 features an improved, higher resolution display supporting 1/4 VGA gray scale with backlighting. A four way navigation button cluster is another new addition to the 9630. This feature provides a familiar, cell phone-like interface for navigation and feature selections for the everyday user.

The new design facilitates better usage of the display and the built-in browser to improve access to information and use of telephone features.

Investment Protection - Modules and Adapters

Based on open standards with a modular platform, the Avaya 9630 allows enterprises to add a wide range of modules and adapters to further enhance employee productivity. This facilitates individual choice between Bluetooth, monaural wideband, or binaural wideband headsets. Adapters for Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth are now available.

Investment protection and enhanced total cost of ownership are the key benefits. Traditionally, the only way to receive new telephone capabilities was to purchase a completely new phone. Designed with the future in mind, the Avaya 9630 provides a flexible approach for adding future functionality to current telephones.

9630 Designed just for the essential user

The 9630 is designed specifically for the essential user where the telephone is critical for them to perform their jobs. The 9630 features a larger display, with additional LED buttons and wideband audio support throughout. The 9630 supports a 24-button expansion module allowing the essential user to access additional call appearances and feature keys. Finally, with one touch access to mobility features, the 9630 user is reachable seamlessly.

Given the importance of the roles held by essential users (sales, customer facing associates), having a match between the communication needs of the essential end user and the phone on their desk provides a business with great advantages. Allowing the 9630 user to make effective use of the right set of telephone features confidently, enables them to perform their job more proficiently, and ultimately helps to satisfy customers and provide competitive advantages.