The Avaya 9610 IP Telephone, part of the Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition family, is designed for a "walk-up" user profile, for use in common areas such as building lobbies, break rooms and hallways.

In all instances, the 9610 should not be associated with a single end user's desk, but rather will be shared by visitors and building employees. With a large display and built-in web browser, the 9610 provides intuitive access to simple applications such as building directories, visitor information, news and events. The 9610 supports a single call appearance and per the walkup profile - does not support hold, conference or transfer.

What's New With This Release

The 9610 IP Telephone is designed for the "walk-up" user profile, for use in common areas such as building lobbies, break rooms and hallways.

Business Benefits

• Productivity of Users - The productivity of end users is greatly enhanced through prompting for common telephony tasks, one-touch access to key features, and superior high fidelity audio.
• Richer Communication - The superior audio capabilities make conference calls and meetings more effective by requiring less reiteration. This has been found to reduce employee stress and fatigue.
• Investment Protection - Utilizing open standards, with a modular platform that supports a wide range of modules and adapters, further enhances user productivity.


Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive, context-sensitive interface on the 9610 is designed to facilitate simple and intuitive usage by featuring context-driven menus with on-screen prompts, enabling straightforward access to a welcome menu and contact directory. Building visitors, and other users in common areas, will find the 9610 to be simple and easy to use.

The 9610 enables easy access to features helpful for building visitors. The 9610 and its user interface are designed for use in common areas, versus for an individual user. The 9610 features a display significantly larger than is typically found in a lobby phone. This, along with an embedded web browser and the ability to host phone applications, makes the 9610 a helpful portal of information.  

New Design and Display

The 9610 features a higher resolution display supporting 1/4 VGA gray scale with backlighting. A four-way navigation button cluster is another new addition to the 9610. This provides a familiar, cell phone-like interface for navigation and feature selections for the everyday user.

The new design facilitates better usage of the display and the built-in browser to improve access to information and use of telephone features.

Designed for the walkup profile

The 9610 is designed to support the walkup user profile - for use in common areas such as visitor lobbies, break rooms and hallways.  The 9610 is not designed for use on an individuals desk.  It supports a single line appearance with no support for hold, conference, transfer.