The Avaya 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution is a wireless communication system that enables customers to communicate over hand held wireless telephones using their facility's Avaya Communications System.

What's New With This Release

Includes 3410 Wireless Telephone with base stations and Master Control Units (MCU). The value is derived from the High Density Base Stations and the Implementation and design services from SpectraLink. Assorted adjuncts like carrying cases, shoulder straps and headsets are available.

Business Benefits

• Adds Wireless Telephony to Legacy Avaya Communications Systems
• Scalable Architecture
• Closed System (not exposed to enterprise IP network security threats)


Avaya Communication System Integration

The Avaya 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution works with Avaya DEFINITY® servers (R3 and later) and Avaya Media Servers running Avaya Communication Manager, providing full telephony features to wireless phones.

This gives users access to advanced calling features, such as calling party name display, message waiting indication, multiple line appearances, and others.

No Usage Charges

This system operates in the 902-928 MHz frequency band, which is allocated by the FCC for unlicensed use. There are no licensing or frequency coordination requirements to install, expand, or relocate the system anywhere in North America.

As a result, the Avaya 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution enables customers to cut costs by eliminating airtime, usage, and recurring charges.

Application Interface

The 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution supports an Open Application Interface (OAI), allowing Avaya 3410 Wireless Telephones to serve as two-way messaging devices. Applications such as MessageLink from On-Site Communications provide interfaces to the customers' in-house paging systems, email, and client-server messaging. Other vendors with complementary systems such as nurse call, telemetry, alarm, and control system manufacturers are currently developing applications to interface with the Avaya 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution.

Provides integration of applications and access to important functionality across platforms, from anywhere on the premises. Improved efficiencies and total un-tethered access to business tools can enhance associate satisfaction and improve the empowerment of employees to make a difference to the corporate bottom line.

Scalable Architecture

The 900 MHz Wireless Telephone solution is exceptionally scalable. Two different sizes of Master Control Units (MCUs) are available: the Link150 MCU is designed for small- to mid-sized applications requiring no more than 64 wireless telephone users, and the Link 3000 MCU is expandable to support mid- to large-sized applications with up to 3,200 users.

Enables customers to grow gracefully from a handful of users to thousands, without requiring any ancillary switches or servers.