Developed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, the Avaya 5400 series of digital telephones incorporates sleek design, improved ergonomics, flexibility and enterprise-class voice quality. These two-wire digital telephones are designed for use with Avaya IP Office.

What's New With This Release

The 5400 Series Digital Telephones run with  telephone firmware release 4.0. This robust line of display phones provides local call logging, speed dial for multiple line appearances and fixed feature buttons. These phones are designed to work with IP Office  Release 3.0 and later, and are priced for small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Benefits

• Administration and ongoing maintenance is simplified by automatic key/button labeling
• Call logging and a speed-dial directory help enhance overall productivity
• Choices allow proper match of functionality with user need


Avaya 5410/5420 - Global Interface

All hard feature buttons are labeled automatically with both global-ready icons and English names for enhanced usability. Users can also choose from eight different languages to display local application information, including: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese.
Automatic labeling with icons and names provides increased deployment flexibility around the globe.

Avaya 5420 - Call Center Mode

The standard display settings can be changed from eight to 12 call appearance/feature button labels. In this mode, the bottom line of the screen display, which is used for softkey labels in standard mode, can contain four more call appearance/feature buttons with shortened labels.
The call appearance flexibility increases deployment for specific call center needs.

Avaya 5410/5420 - Investment Protection with Downloadable Upgrades

The Avaya 5410 and 5420 Digital Telephones offer a common platform suitable for both general business and call center needs. Downloadable firmware (flashware) provides quick, reliable upgrades for future enhancements.
The downloadable upgrade program helps businesses protect their investment by providing for future enhancements.

Avaya 5420 - Flexible Options

Businesses can extend basic 5420 capabilities with the 1XU (EU24), an expansion module with 24 call appearance/feature buttons. Further expansion is possible by using the 201A Recorder Interface Module to record calls with an external recording device.
This add-on flexibility lets enterprises tailor the 5420 to meet operational needs today while allowing room for continued growth in the future.

Avaya 5410 and 5420 - Easy to Read Screen

The Avaya 5410 Digital Telephone features a large display screen with a 5-line x 29-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); the 5420 display is a 7 x 29 LCD. Both units are fully adjustable for optimum viewing from many angles.
The large-scale displays offer an effective user interface that can improve workforce productivity and serviceability.

No Paper Button Labels

All buttons on the display are labeled. The display labels can be customized, a useful option for feature buttons such as Bridged Call Appearances and Abbreviated Dial.
Display labels eliminate the time and cost of using and maintaining paper labels, and facilitate customization of the display labels on the phone.

Avaya 5410/5420 - Easy Button Access

The 5410/5420 telephones are designed with 12/24 system call appearance/feature buttons. They include four local softkey feature buttons, Exit, Previous, and Next buttons for display navigation, a Message button for expedited access to voicemail, and several fixed feature buttons along with a highly visible Message Waiting Indicator for effective message notification.
The navigation and button options increase deployment flexibility and provide an easy user interface, making a wide range of capabilities accessible with the touch of a button.

Avaya 5410/5420 - Call Log

This automated call tracking with a 48-entry (5410) or 100-entry (5420) call log records incoming answered, incoming unanswered, and outgoing calls. The call log can also be used to populate the Speed Dial Directory.
Users can place and track telephone activity using call log information, which provides detailed call tracking and can improve employee productivity.  The DCP phone software release 4 includes answered, missed, and outgoing calls in the logs.

Avaya 5410/5420 - Speed Dial Directory

In addition to the system directory, the Avaya 5410 and 5420 Digital Telephones provide access to a speed-dial directory. This directory has the capacity to store up to 48 (5410) or 104 (5420) speed-dial numbers for quick access to the most frequently used numbers. Also, after placing a call, the user now has the option to stay in the speed dial menu so account number and password sequences can be automated using speed dial buttons.
With this separate speed-dial application, more 5420 feature buttons can be used for actual features rather than for automatic dialing.  In addition, the increased character length for speed dialing - now up to 24 characters - in DCP phone software release 4 is ideal for international calls.

Avaya 5402 - Extension download to phone

The extension is downloaded on the 5402 telephone, simplifying system administration requirements. When the phone is on-hook, the display shows the extension number.
Simplifying the telephone administration can reduce the time required to set up extensions, helping lower total cost of ownership.