The Avaya 4400 Series Digital Voice Telephones deliver the right combination of business communication functionality. Usability features are readily available.  You can personalize your phone by programming the buttons on your telephone simply by choosing from a selection of convenient features.
The 4400 series phones are supported on MERLIN MAGIX® and IP Office Platforms but are only available in N. America.

NOTE: IP Office supports only the 4406, 4412, and 4424 phones. MERLIN MAGIX supports the 4400D, 4406, 4412, 4424 and 4424LD+.

What's New With This Release

The Avaya 4400 Series Digital Voice Telephones are supported by the IP Office and MERLIN MAGIX® Communications Systems. IP Office supports only the 4406, 4412 and 4424 phones. Full feature functionality and integrated switch functionality for these systems are programmable through administration software (or the 4424 Large Display set with a MERLIN MAGIX system).  

Business Benefits

• The 4400 series telephones allow businesses to take advantage of the latest communications capabilities.
• The 4400 series telephones also help to improve the efficiency and productivity of an organization and simplify the flow of information.


User Programmability

Your employees can easily program the buttons on their telephones by choosing from a selection of convenient features. 

  • Telephones can be customized to help enhance productivity.


You can expand your 12 or 24-button telephone set with up to two additional 50-button DSS expansion module. 

  • Can expand to adapt to business needs.

"Plug and Play" Installation

Every 4400 telephone arrives at your business quality-tested and ready for use. 

  • Helps ensure maximum reliability.

Automatic Station Relocation

Because there's no need to change station wiring or cross connects, your office staff can move telephone sets around without the help of a technician. 

  • Saves time and money for every day moves, adds and changes.

Advanced Administration Screens

Sophisticated displays typically found in more elaborate systems. 

  • Users will appreciate.

Wall Mountable

Stand on each telephone can be reversed for easy mounting on any wall. 

  • Greater flexibility in support of varied work environments.