The 1600 Series IP Telephones - one-X Deskphone Value Edition is a family of cost-effective IP Telephones that deliver familiar features at an attractive price point for customers with basic communications needs. The family includes a portfolio of phones designed to meet a range of end-user needs. Designed as a stand-alone portfolio, these telephones may be intermixed with other Avaya IP telephones, especially the Avaya one-X Deskphones (9600 series). Combining the features of traditional telephones and the latest in telephone user experience, 1600 Series IP Telephones - one-X Deskphone Value Edition telephones provide critical capabilities not often found in competitively priced models.

What's New With This Release

The initial release of the one-X Deskphone Value Edition consists of three models, the 1603, 1608 and 1616.  The 1616 also supports a 32 button expansion module.

Business Benefits

• Right phone at the right price: With one-X Deskphone Value Edition models, the more price sensitive customer has additional models to choose from to suit the needs of their business. Worker productivity: No re-training required for users of older, digital telephones. Reliability and performance: Expected from a leader such as Avaya.


Comprehensive telephone features not typically found in similarly priced competitive models

The one-X Deskphone Edition models include many features typically found only in higher end, more expensive, enterprise class telephones. These features include a bright, backlit display, support for multiple call appearances, 2 way speakers, dual lamp LEDs, fixed feature keys, and a context sensitive user interface with soft keys.

Cost Effectiveness. The end users gain access to a feature rich telephone, but at a very attractive price point.

Familiar User Interface

Especially for those users accustomed to traditional digital telephones, one-X Deskphone Value Edition models feature a familiar telephone user interface including fixed feature keys for common functions such as conference, transfer and hold. Dual lamp LED's provide explicit status of line appearances and feature keys. In addition, the Value Edition models also feature latest UI enhancements such as context sensitive displays and soft keys.

For the end user, enhanced productivity is the key benefit. End users gain access to familiar telephone features through the use of LED lights and fixed feature keys. In addition, they enjoy the latest generation of telephone enhancements such as a context sensitive display, integration with a local contacts list and call logs.   

Reliability and Performance

one-X Deskphone Value Edition models feature the same security, reliability and performance an industry leader such as Avaya is known for. 

Decision makers can feel confident and secure about their choice to go with the cost effective Deskphone Value Edition family for their telephone needs.