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Surveillance / Access Control

Video Surveillance and Access Control: Design & Installation

Oliver Communications has a solution for you!



Video Management, Access Control, License Plate Recognition
on a single Unified Security Platform

Today’s security is evolving rapidly.  In this time of elevated security concerns, you can feel secure and confident in your decision when you partner with Oliver Communications.  Oliver understands your security issues and challenges.  At Oliver we have the expertise to put together a comprehensive solution for all your security needs. You can count Oliver Communications to work with you to design a system that will accomplish today’s goals and allow for growth as your budget allows.

Integration with other security systems can help reduce your bottom line.  In the past many of your systems were standalone systems.  Each requiring its own hardware, software, installation, service, maintenance, administration and training.  We can bring these systems together with integrated security and allow you to control your entire security suite from a single location.

Oliver Communications portfolio of products includes the most advanced security surveillance, access control and License plate recognition software on the market today.  In one software platform you can view all your cameras, control access, view the license plates of anyone who entered your property for one site or multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Today’s business owners are also increasingly concerned with energy management.  Building security and energy management systems can also be integrated into one easy to operate system.  Everyday tasks can be automated to increase productivity and manage energy consumption.  When doors are opened, relays can trigger to turn on lights, the HVAC, start the coffee maker, etc.

With today’s technology businesses can control multiple systems with a single interface.  With real-time action driven information being tracked, incidents can be identified immediately thus allowing for quicker responses. First responders such as fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services all rely on quick access to accurate data in order to better serve the public. Emergency personnel used to have to get to the scene before they could gather information about the situation, now with an IP based security platform along with broadband wireless technology they have constant connectivity from emergency vehicles to headquarters, enabling emergency personnel to review information about the scene while en route.

Let Oliver Communications design and deliver a professional security solution for you, and put your mind at ease!

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