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About Oliver Communications - Company History  
     Oliver Communications Group was formed in 1992 and is a growing company servicing the expanding industry of telecommunications. We provide a complete line of telecommunication cabling services from project engineering through final testing. Our installations include voice, data, audio, video, etc running copper, fiber, coax or any type of media required. We install both Inside and Outside plant projects. We also hold an electrical license in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.  Currently our installation staff consists of approximately 45 IBEW Tel-Data Technicians / Electricians. We also have a competent and knowledgeable support staff of Estimators, Salesmen, Project Managers, an RCDD and on-site Cad operations.


     Our Technicians regularly attend certification training and seminars to keep current with the fast pace changes in the different divisions of the BICSI standards. Oliver Communications is a member of BICSI and has all the necessary test equipment to certify various types of copper and fiber installations including Siemons, Ortronics, Systimax, Corning, ADC, Panduit, Hubbell, and Superior. We also have additional certifications such as Hilti Fire-stopping. Our outside crews perform a complete line of services including conduit and manhole systems, campus backbone cabling, pole placement/aerial work, etc.


     We strongly believe in planning and safety, all of our technicians regularly attended OSHA safety training courses. Our EMR rating is currently 0.77 and has been under 1.0 for the past 24 years. Our insurance coverage is comprehensive and we carry an $9,000,000 umbrella policy. If necessary, we can provide a Performance & Maintenance bond up to $2,500,000. We are an approved SBE by the state of New Jersey and are registered with the New Jersey Department of Labor as a Public Works contractor. Our DUNS number is 79-152-9308.


          Oliver Communications is proud to provide a superior standard of service to our customers. All services are provided with in-house personnel and equipment only; we do not subcontract to others.

Oliver Communications Group, Inc.
Telecommunications Design & Installation
2457 Old York Road
Bordentown, NJ 08505
TEL (609)-324-1750
FAX (609)-324-1760