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Surveillance / Access Control: Access Control

IP Access Control Product Partners

Oliver Communications is a Hirsch Authorized Dealer.
Hirsch Electronics manufactures high security access control and security management systems for worldwide markets. Hirsch’s award-winning products seamlessly integrate door control, alarm monitoring, enrollment, badging, video, intelligent graphics, reports and database management. From a ScramblePadŽ intelligent keypad and controller for one door, to an enterprise-class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users, Hirsch is the preferred choice for applications requiring high security, reliability, scalability and investment protection.

Oliver Communications is a Keri-systems partner.
In conjunction with Kerisystems products Oliver can offer state of the art Access Control systems. Keri’s newest access control platform provides unmatched system flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Utilizing true peer to peer Ethernet communications for networking between controllers and software, the system has eliminated the single point of failure prevalent in most other access control systems. A new standard in security, NXT is first of a new generation of equipment to utilize encrypted data from Cards to Readers. Extremely intelligent controllers operate virtually autonomously minimizing network traffic and eliminating bandwidth concerns. Kerisystem’s unmatched security does not come with a high price. Using the latest in electronic processing and networking technology, NXT is one of the most cost effective systems on the market.

The Bosch 2.0 (Access PE) Access Control
The Bosch PE system allows the introduction of access control to a company to be done in several small steps. At first only a few central areas are monitored. As system needs expands, access control may become part of an integrated security system. Your investment is always safeguarded, because it supports the same controllers as Bosch’s large Systems.

Synergis™, an integral part of Genetics' Security Center, is designed with end-to-end IP connectivity, from access control reader to client workstation. As one of the most intuitive IP access control solutions on the market, Synergis is being used by a number of organizations within the transportation, education, retail, and gaming industries. Oliver Communications is a fully trained and authorized reseller and installer of the Genetec product line.

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