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Surveillance / Access Control: Recording & Storage

Video Recording & Storage (IP & Hybrid):


Network Security Appliance
The Most advanced Hybrid Video solution on the Market!
Allows full integration with other systems, such as access control, parking lot license plate recognition, Point of sale devices as well as other building systems onto a single platform.

As an instant out-of-the-box solution, the SV-3200 leverages the renowned scalability, flexibility and reliability of Genetec's cutting-edge software while offering customers the simplicity and ease of deployment from a single innovative appliance. Small to medium-size deployments, including multi-site installations with geographic dispersion that are common to industries such as the retail, finance, government, education, corporate and commercial markets, are the perfect fit for this all-encompassing network security appliance.

*  Up to 32 cameras connections
*  Seamless integration with new or existing Genetec systems
*  Built-in hot-swappable expansion ports, up to 16 analog video inputs
*  H.264 high quality compression format
*  Adaptable compressions for bandwidth maximization
*  Unmatched scalability through Genetec’s Federation feature
*  Advanced and flexible storage options
*  Redundant power supplies and network connections
*  Support for point-of-sale (POS) integration

With internal, video optimized recording/playback capacity the Intransa delivers. Whether for a single location such as a retail store or bank branch, or a single location in a campus or city network, Intransa Video Appliance™ with internal capacity is the right choice. Can be preloaded with your choice of software solutions: Genetec, Axis, Onssi, Milestone, Exacq and others.

The exacqVision®  Rackmount Hybrid Server provides seamless integration and recording of both analog and IP video surveillance cameras on an enterprise class chassis. The powerful, yet easy to operate client user interface installs on any standard computer running Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and can connect to multiple exacqVision Hybrid and IP camera servers creating a virtually unlimited amount of cameras and protection. Video from all exacqVision systems can also be accessed with web browsers and mobile devices with access to the internet. Each Rackmount Hybrid NVR server includes from 16 up to 64 analog inputs and 8 IP. It can be easily expanded to up to 64 IP cameras per server.

The Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND400 NVR can record up to 64 network cameras simultaneously with multi-format recording in MPEG-4 and JPEG to deliver recording performance on par with today's high resolution IP cameras. Metadata associated VMD provides fast, effective search. The WJ-ND400 offers 2x and 4x digital zoom on live or recorded video, Panasonic camera control for pan/tilt, zoom, focus, brightness, preset position and auto mode, with quick IP setup for Panasonic i-Pro network cameras. Up to 9 hot-plug hard disk drives can be installed for maximum on-board storage capabilities, and up to 16 clients can monitor and control the WJ-ND400 simultaneously.  Multiple display modes and flexible playback controls facilitate monitoring of images. An embedded real-time operating system offers supreme reliability, while RAID5/6 provides redundant recording for data security. The WJ-ND400 Series Network Recorder has won the "Building Operating Management Magazine's 2009 Readers Choice Award" for security products.
The AXIS 262+ Network Video Recorder, together with Axis network cameras, offers a comprehensive surveillance solution for detecting shoplifters, reducing false alarms, increasing personnel safety or viewing  your premises remotely. It is ideal for monitoring small shops, gas stations, hotels and small offices.
The Bosch Divar XF offers top-of-the-line performance and adaptability. Equipped with four front-replaceable HD drives and extensive integration features, the XF is ideal for medium to large-scale or growing systems. Divar XF’s superior image quality and compression gets the most out of CCTV images.
*  Real-time H.264 recording and playback in genuine 4CIF resolution
Hybrid recording of up to 16 analog cameras and up to 8 additional
H.264 IP cameras
*  Internal storage up to 4TB on four front-accessible hard drives
On-board RAID-4 support
The Bosch Divar MR Digital Versatile Recorder gives a compact and convenient CCTV management solution in an all-in-one embedded unit. It provides high-quality digital recording on up to 16 channels, with an internal storage capacity of up to 2 TB. The Divar MR boasts exceptional video quality and a high level of advanced functionality.
The Panasonic WJ-HD300A DVR Series has more features and      higher hard drive capacities. The Series is available in 9 and 16      channel configurations and both have a 250 GB base hard drive unit.  With  optional expansion units, overall storage capacity is up to 15.0    Terabytes (16 channel unit only). The "A" Series allows camera setup over the network and offers 120 images per second in SIF mode. Up to four system controllers can be used in cascade mode.
The Samsung GVI  GV-DVR1042DML digital video recorder is a professional DVR that not only replaces the traditional VCR and multiplexer combination but also offers the benefits derived from the latest in digital video processing.  Designed to work with today's broadband networks, the GV-DVR1042DML uses MPEG-4  compression.  With the ability to record at resolutions up to 704 x 480, the GV-DVR1042DML captures crystal clear pictures, creating effective footage for later use and retrieval. With the ability to record up to 120 images per second in CIF resolution users can also record full-motion video if desired. Video critical for investigation and archiving can be easily exported to a USB memory device or by DVD-RW.
Infinova' s V3009 series embedded digital video recorder utilizes the VxWorks operating system and DSP processor. It functions as both a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and a Digital Video Server. The V3009 series DVR employs H.264 compression technology, supporting 8 or 16 videos in, 1 BNC connector for main output, 1 BNC connector for spot output, and 1 VGA video output, along with 8 or 16 videos output looping. It supports SATA hard disk and a USB port for flash disk, USB hard disk and USB writer. This series DVR features real-time compression of video and audio signals, compression code stream recording, video/audio signals switching, local recorded file playback, network transmission and alarm in/out, making it a highly cost effective digital security product.

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